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Our Team

Prakash Chandra Devkota Prakash Chandra Devkota

Managing Director

Mr. Prakash Chandra Devkota is not an unknown name to the people involved in the tourism sector.  He is an enthusiastic tourism entrepreneur, keenly devoted to social work. Brilliant mind and hospitable nature are his foremost identity.

His long involvement in the tourism has established him as a reputed personality in this business. Born in the remote hilly region of Nepal- Gorkha district he enters this industry as a guide. Due to his dedication and work, he has established himself as a successful businessman in his career.  He has collected a full experience to almost all trekking and climbing routes (Mera, Island, Lobuche, Amadablam etc).

He is running this company with a new and innovative concept which is providing international level of services all the way through excellent management. He has more than 15 years of experience in operating trekking & expedition trips in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

He supports eco-tourism from his initial period in this profession and always motivate his staffs towards eco-friendly practices. He believes tourism sector will eventually generate employment opportunity for the youth of Nepal to have sustainable development.

Mukesh Devkota Mukesh Devkota

Trekking Guide

Mr. Mukesh came from Chitwan District in 2000. His idea is to be progressive like exploring new trekking areas and rivers, learning and improving in all possible. Mukesh Devkota leads most of the Nepal trekking routes. After gaining enough experience in this area he moved on to head of guest relation. He has already handled more sophisticated camping trips to lesser-visited regions of the country. His smile, wonderful sense of hospitality and confident of experience is sure to manage the guests, guides and porters. He has been working with us for the last 9 years. He is a licensed guide by the authority of Nepal government.

Prabeen Pudasaini Prabeen Pudasaini

Trekking Guide & Guest Relation
Mr. Prabeen came from Gorkha District in 2002. He loves trekking and meeting people from different cultures.

He has excellent knowledge of Nepal and its temples, mountains and trekking routes so he will provide detailed information about the people, their lifestyles and nature of the country. He has many years experience of all major area and restricted area trekking. Now he is guest relation officer of our company. He is managed all guest as well as trekking and climbing guides. He is also a licensed guide by the authority of Nepal government on behalf of Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition Team.

Ang Dawa Sherpa Ang Dawa Sherpa

High Mountain Climber
Dawa will be instrumental in helping the Everest Freestyle Expedition do a grand traverse of Mount Everest in 2010. His efforts on the 2007 Everest Base Camp Trek…the 2008 Denali Freestyle Expedition…and the 2008 Secret Spot Tilman Trek…made for a truly unique experience for all…and perfect trips.

Thirty eight year old Ang Dawa Sherpa was born in Solo Khumbu District, in Gorakhani, Khamding No 4, Nepal.Dawa is married with 2 children. He has a twelve year old girl (Lakpa Sherpa) and a six year old boy (Lakpa Gelu Sherpa) and spends as much time as he can with them…outside of his mountain guiding career. Dawa has an impressive list of ascents and frequency of ascents…including Everest, Ama Dalam and Cholotse.


  • Everest South (Oct 1999 & Nov 2011) …2 times ….8848m
  • Ama Dablam (Sept 2003) …6856m
  • Island Peak (1987-2007)…25 times…6100m
  • Mera Peak (1997-2007)…16 times…6476m
  • Loboche Peak (1997-2007)…30 times…6145m
  • Cholotse (2006)…3 times…6434m
  • Pakcharmo (2002)…2 times…6400m
  • Ramdumg Peak (2002)…2 times..5900m
  • Yala Peak(2002)…3 times…5500m
  • Naya Kangri(2003)…3 times…5846m
  • Langshishari(2003)…1 time…6310m
  • Pisang(1997-8)…2 times…6091m
  • Chulu West(1999)…1 time…6419m
  • Chulu East(1999)…2 times…6584m
  • Chulu Far(2001)…1 time…6013m
  • Dhampus Peak(1995)…1 time…6012m
  • Singu Chuli(2003)…1 time…6501m
  • Tharpu Chuli(2003)…1 time…5663m
Lakpa Sherpa Lakpa Sherpa

Mountain Climbing Guide
Lakpa Sherpa is local residence of Everest region, he has started his adventure job since 1995 and has long time experience in mountain climbing field in several Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. He is also a technical mountaineering guide for our company – handling climbing and treks. Personally he is very friendly and helpful and he loves to share his deep of knowledge about mountain among travelers to make their journey interesting and unforgettable.


  • Amadablam Summit — 6856m — 3 times
  • Lobuche Peak … 6145m — 6 times
  • Island Peak 6100m — 5 times
  • Mera Peak …6476m — 3 times
  • Pisang Peak…6091m — 4 time
  • Chulu West Peak…6013m …1 time
  • Dhampus Peak … 6012m …2 times
Sumek Adhikari Sumek Adhikari

Mountaineering & Trekking Guide
Sumek Adhikari came from Dhading district, in 1998 he started working with the company and quickly became addicted to the profession! In a frame of few years Sumek Adhikari developed his professional knowledge and skills a lot and became one of the professional mountaineering guide as well as trekking guide of the company. He is a very gentle, honest and friendly person and doing his best for our every client to enjoy holiday vacation / trekking / climbing.


  • Pumori Summit — 3 times
  • Amadablam Summit  — 2 times
  • Pisang Peak…6091m — 4 time
  • Chulu West Peak…6013m …1 time
  • Island Peak 6100m — 5 times
  • Mera Peak …6476m — 3 times
  • And major trekking routes (Kanchanjunga, Upper Mustang, Manaslu, Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Ganesh himal etc.)
Gelu Sherpa Gelu Sherpa

Mountain Cook (Outdoor Cook)
Gelu grew up in Nepal, in the Solo Khumbu District, in Gorakhani. He is twenty five years old. His main dream was to become good trekking guide and he has been putting lots of efforts for his dreams to come true. He is a person of great dedication. And he is a real Guide by his natural characteristics. He is well trained cook for the company as well and he loves cooking delicious outdoor meals in camping trekking and rafting trips. He started to work with us in 2003 as a Sherpa staff and kitchen helper and became the best cook! Since that time he has learned so much and developed a lot. He is unbelievably energetic person with great desire to learn as much as possible using every day of his life for development. Now he is deep into climbing.

Rajendra Lamichhane Rajendra Lamichhane

Senior Trekking Guide
Mr. Rajendra has long & good experience in leading trekking groups into the high Himalayas for the past last 7 years, so basically he knows every trail & every path. He is a very experienced trekking guide who has undergone extensive travel training from the Ministry of Nepal Tourism and is a fully government licensed guide. He has traveled abroad in most occasions too. Blessed with a good English speaking ability, he is helpful & friendly person too. Trekking along with him certainly makes your trip worthwhile and more enjoyable plus he also makes sure you will get the most out of your holiday.

Namaraj Khadka Namaraj Khadka

Trekking Guide
Mr. Namaraj came from Dhading District in 2005. He loves trekking and meeting people from different cultures. He has  excellent knowledge of nepali places and different culture people, providing detailed information about the people, their lifestyles and nature of the country. He is excellent entertainer as you will see from the evening camps in the trekking.

His idea is to be progressive like exploring new trekking areas and rivers, learning and improving in all possible ways and all these with deepest dedication and respect to profession and the mother nature!

Rajkumar Barakoti Rajkumar Barakoti

Tour & Trekking Guide
He has deep knowledge in culture, religion, history, politics and geography of Nepal. We are proud to have with us whose English is fluent and admirable. He is an honest, hardworking, experienced as well as professional Tour Leader who has been working with us since 2005. During the tour with him he fulfills you with delightful & adequate information about the places you visit. You will find him not only a guide but also as your friend. He equally motivates for responsible as well as sustainable tourism.

He has been all over the Nepal so that he is not only excellent tour leader he also handle trek in Annapurna and other popular region in Nepal.

Ang Dendi Sherpa Ang Dendi Sherpa

Mountain Climbing Guide
He is originally from Solu District has summit many times of highest mountain peaks. He is licensed from Ministry of Tourism of Nepal government as a Climbing Guide. He has more than 10 years of experience in this field. Giving out his passion he will lead and support you to complete your dream with minimum effort and unique experience in the Himalaya. Sherpa guides are intimately familiar with the mountains and routes they guide on as well as being well known within the mountaineering community for their hardiness, expertise, and experience at high altitudes.


  • Mt. Chooyu Summit … 8201m. … 1 time
  • Mt. Amadablam Summit … 6856m … 2 times
  • Lobuche Peak … 6145m … 3 times
  • Island Peak 6100m … 13 times
  • Chulu West Peak … 6013m … 2 times
  • Pisang Peak … 6091m … 5 times
  • Mera Peak … 6476m … 9 times
  • Cholatse Peak … 6440m… 2 times
Laphuri Sherpa Laphuri Sherpa

Trekking / Climbing Guide
He is also originally from Solukhumbu District, his love of adventure sports began during his childhood while collecting the firewood in the forests and helping to his family in the village. When he grew up, he came to Kathmandu and started his career as a guide in different local trekking companies before work with our team. He has summit many of highest mountain peaks. He enjoys his profession in adventure tourism because it gives him the opportunity to make friendly relationship among his clients and be able to share his experience He works hard to ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience while trekking and climbing.

Krishna Malla Krishna Malla

Trekking Guide
Mr. Malla became our team member since past two years with his wonderful service towards the team which is really immense in order to boost up our team. His extensive experiences about trekking, tour, timekeeping & cordial deeds are the focal instrumental for his success to give satisfaction to the clients and entertain the same from them.

He is highly expertise for any trip from short excursion to long and challenges trekking on off beaten track. While handling the guest, optimum utilization of knowledge and capability in right way is his main feature.

Narayan Khanal Narayan Khanal

City Tour Guide
Mr. Khanal came from Gorkha District in 1999. He know about local people from different cultures. He is license holder of tour guide of Nepal government (Lic. No: 2578). He has depth knowledge of all major historical place of Nepal so provide detailed information about the people. He has traveled abroad in most occasions too. Blessed with a good English speaking ability, he is helpful & friendly person too. Tours along with him certainly makes your trip worthwhile and more enjoyable plus he also makes sure you will get the most out of your holiday.

Pushkar Panthi Pushkar Panthi

Trekking Guide
Through Butwal, a famous industrial area of Nepal is his birth place has keen interest on Trekking and Tourism field. That’s why he has been the part of trekking word since years and now has been serving as a trekking guide of Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition P. Ltd.

He has been leading many groups to Annapurna, Langtang, Everest and Manaslu which are all the world famous trek area. Although his his birthplace is in industrial Zone, he is well known about the culture, history, lifestyle, languages, environment, people and moreover skill to lead and guide a complicated group as well. His decade experience made him comfortable with any guest. His fluency in speaking and presenting himself in front of guest can make any guest happy and feel memorable all over trekking days. He is confident, loyal and charming guide.

Sonam Sherpa Sonam Sherpa

Trekking Guide
Sonam sherpa had been working with Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition as soon as he got Government Authorization of Trekking Guide a few years back. He is originally from Solukhumbhu, an entry point to explore undefined beauty of Himalayas. After finishing his higher level Education, he decided to join this field. Turning the pages of his family background, almost all family members are involved in Travel and Tourism Business. His father is Trekking Guide and his mother is hotelier. It may have been the motivating factor to choose this field.

He is fluent in speaking multi languages like English Tibetan Chinese. He is well aware about the Himalayan culture, life style people and environment. He believes in making Guest happy and satisfied. His behavior of benevolence has always been plus point to our company. He is always complimented by our Guest.

Dendi Sherpa Dendi Sherpa

Trekking & Climbing Guide
Dendi sherpa is born energetic, skilful, sagacious and by nature a trekking and a climbing guide. He is originally from Solukhumbhu, a gateway to top of the world. He involved in trekking area in his young as a porter. Due to eagerness to learn, a friendly behavior and energetic body, he has been well established as trekking and climbing guide. He has successful climbing experience on Nepalese major technical mountain peaks.

He is a good and generous leader with the persuading personality. He has good knowledge of Tibetan English French and spanish. He acknowledges that honor to guest in return gain admiration.



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